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PLEASE HELP ME PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY by: Frank McGregor (myspace bulletin)

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Sep. 28th, 2007 | 05:29 pm
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posted by: teyram in houstonvadders


My name is Frank McGregor. I am on the frontlines of the biofuels revolution.
You can help me promote clean energy by re-posting this bulletin.

I hope you will appreciate my efforts, because I am working for you and your children, not for myself. I have very little money right now, and have in fact been forced to beg for food. Do not let this distract you, because I am also in a unique position to have an honest, positive impact on the growth of biofuels technology.

Being human, I am beset by a need for emotional support, and for only this reason have I turned to you today.

Given the opportunity, I composed the following letter to the President, George W. Bush, and he responded by giving me the most amazing birthday gift I could imagine, Karl Rove's retirement.

Just a Moment, of Truth

To think that I should have this rare opportunity, having the ear of the most powerful organization that has existed in human history, while the leader of our great nation travels the world, promoting the very industry where I find myself working gives me a profound sense of responsibility. To be a scribe, in the pages of thistory, truly humbles me.

Know that I speak as a citizen of this great nation having grown deep in the heart, that is the lifeblood of our vibrant society. I speak Not for glory, power, gold nor toys. Duty, honor, and humility, alone, guide my words. Living in Texas, I have known an international variety of good-hearted and open-minded people.

I will speak first on one of my brothers, a great friend of strength and noble heart. His childhood, being much different from mine, and his family, having lived through very hard times, have taught me how to love, more. Even now, his mother, my second, sits in prison for mistakes made in her life. The love of her children, and her kind hospitality, have been true blessings to know, and I pray for the day that she is again able to hold them close and walk this Earth free. She sent me a Christmas card and, not knowing what to say, I feared reply.

For her heart, the only gift I can give is to speak of her children. They lived poor, in Texas, at times having only a car to sleep in. They took me in, told me of their lives, and protected me. I love them as my own, and have on rare occasion been allowed the joy of repaying their kindness with generosity. My brother of the road, you will know him only as Sir William the Good, studies to be a nurse and live in the service of his fellow man. His work ethic and devotion to his family inspire me to speak here of mine.

Proper Introductions

Our history extends to a time when people lived comfortably close to the Earth that sustains us, without the luxuries afforded by modern technology. We kept happy creating music and dancing in the rhythms of nature. We trace our story to the heart, of Africa where man first walked this earth. We are Gaelic. Alike, we are family of and share songs with the people of Ireland and North Spain, spoken as ancient, beautiful land. In our lore, the bard, or Harper, was a respected member of society. They sang songs and wished only happiness and inspiration. Imagine, still today, throughout Europe, the band Celtas Cortos is popular. They sing of love and play beautiful music that people dance to, together. When Christ and St. Francis arrived in our lands, we came to be known as Celts. Together we celebrated this life, and we loved Christ because He was a humble man, because He lived close to the Earth.

In Scotland, we fought long, terrible battles with the Romans. When they came, we fought the Vikings, the Angles and the Saxons. The sons of Gregor have lived long synonymous with liberty. They tried to hide our struggle with the myth of Robin Hood. Rob Roy MacGregor took from the rich and Gave to the poor. Fed up, the English passed legislation that made outlaws of my people. Some of us fled on foot, others flew the White flag of Peace. Of those who came to America, the Land of Liberty, many continue to sing the songs of the Earth. We are farmers, and, in the War of Slavery,
We Celebrated Freedom.

Sowing Seeds of Freedom, of Peace

I have come to know Democracy. Through democracy we are allowed to participate peacefully in the decision making process. By our song, keyboard, and ballot we share ourselves freely with this world, and with this freedom we have responsibility. Many today are using their voices to incite hatred and fear. It is then the duty of others to sing songs that instill hope and speak words that inspire peace.

I have come to love this land whose forefathers were honorable, just men. George Washington first inspired us to humility when he refused the opportunity to dominate America by military force, after the first revolution. Thomas Jefferson inspired in us the joy of our free, pioneering selves when he reached out to the Native Americans, and from them we learned, again, the love of this, Our Earth. They showed us how to live close to her, that we might walk in her grace from sea to shining sea. Today, still, some of their traditions are kept through the Boy Scouts. Alexander Hamilton, likewise, cautions us, as responsible leaders, to take care with our collective resources, because it is together that we share in this life.

Our lives are shaped as bridges in the stories of one family. I draw anecdote from the words of many people, and one common theme has always been the spirit of giving. From the Koran I learned that no one of us is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself, Hospitality. From the Buddha also, I learned that we do not find true joy through material possession, only by looking within ourselves. These are important principles to a Democratic Society. An American Organization, Heifer International, believes food, water, shelter, love and self-control to be most important qualities for healthy living and essential to the development of all nations.

Apply Fertilizer with Care

Having grown, in the heart of our great nation, I have known, truly, the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have called brothers and sisters the children of many lands, and am proud to call my President a man who would sing the sweet song of our liberty unto all the peoples of this beautiful world. My only dismay has been to hear our dream of democracy heard not as a song of peace and freedom, but one of guns and gold.
My conviction is that living under the rule of laws, not men, has liberated my mind to sing, here, of Peace. Ghandi is the proof that we can change the world with a song.

Were I to remain silent, for fear, would be to deny the edict of my heart, I could not live, thusly, a life free, as we are permitted. And that I may, here, stab the system, with pen, as rapier, in the words of the great American Gene Wylder, “I must, I must!” Because I am Texan I will, with my tongue lick clean the lens of your reality, and with my brush paint a smile on your heart.

I learned from Brazilians that we can come together and dance in peace, Carnival. The Kings of Thailand beckon that we bend with the wind, as the tall reeds of a marsh gently sway in the summer’s cool breeze. Confucian mind tempers my tongue, that these words should spill forth blades of diamond. The thought of Sr. Marcos calls us to action and, having been awarded Degrees of Honor, bids we lead with words, not guns. I have seen the pain of weight in the eyes of Iraq’s first ambassador to my people, known their fears and wept, at the words of one passionate educator, her blog name: Riverbend. I will live in a world that respects women. They are strong, and they can lead. They teach us to listen and, by opening to them, our hearts and minds, hearing them we can know ourselves better.

Survey of the Horizon

We live in a time of great change. America’s newfound role in global politics, according to many experts, not least among them her President, demands that we take a leadership role in responding to the challenges of our future. We the people are diverse. Threats of climate change, energy insecurity, and environmental degradation require that we reassess our interaction with this Earth, whose health we depend on for our existence. The globally interconnected nature of today’s economy requires that America be viewed as a responsible leader in adapting to these challenges.

Our President has spoken on the need for men of courage to step forward and face the challenges of our future. His word stirs the deepest spirit of revolution in our hearts, and, likewise, we would stand forth, fearless in death’s cold gaze, to but sow seeds of peace atop the Enron Tower. With prayer, the snakes in our garden will see these plants grown for the service of food, and respect that they blossom in the interest of all children.

Critics of globalization describe the market impulse of capitalists as a short- sighted, selfishly profit motivated attitude. Archer Daniel Midland’s opportunistic bid to take a leadership role in the production of ethanol is a prime example. In their rush to make money, they had no care for the negative impact of high corn prices on the poor of Latin-America, who depend on corn as a staple food in their diet. The fact is, most critics of ethanol cite its negative impact on food supply. We can do better, plan long term.

Fresh Perspective

Truth be told, Sustainability is the Revolution of our time, true global evolution. The transition from oil to alternatives is no doubt a civilization level technological shift, thus requiring that we prioritize our interests. The mission, therefore, is to build an energy infrastructure that can support human survival for an undefinable length of time.

My worry is that the current ethanol production infrastructure has focused on selling into the general auto-fuel market. Cars are a luxury, and the leadership of the transition to a sustainable economy must regard them as such. [Quietly, he whispers, so as not to stir the weak, ‘people should ride bikes.’] However, and to paraphrase Mr. Bush, one should not merely criticize without offering constructive solutions.

As responsible leaders, we must recognize the difference between want and need, and act accordingly. What is an important industry? First and foremost, agriculture has Always been the staple of human civilization. Securing the energy independence of our food production and distribution networks can and should be our priority in this transition. The fact is of dramatic importance, considering the potentially disastrous consequences of oil price shocks on food transportation. Following food, health products and emergency teams probably have the most need of energy independence.

The application of renewable energy sources can be done in a sustainable way. The European Commission and ASEAN Center for Energy have both emphasized the need and on Patriots Day, April 14th, citizens across our nation celebrated sustainable lifestyles and called on their government to respond to the challenges of our future with rational choices and sustainable technologies. The question to my mind is not if, but when my government will loudly recognize the importance of promoting sustainability.

For Your Eyes Only?

And thusly, with Strategic Revision, would I drive my pen into the hearts of men, that they might come to know our company. We are not given the strength to lead that we should sow the seeds of violent ambition in our brother, only that we guide him, listen with open mind and lead with word of Peace. That I have cried with the heart of a lion, and by quill of oak scribed my mind into your existence, Gives me more joy than words. This ®evolution, to be published for marketing, by Your Grace Alone, Mr. President.

Yours in Tejas,

Frank, Son of Dr. Martin Luther McGregor Jr, a friend of Dr. King Jr.

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